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Poster: tank_tuba Date: Nov 10, 2007 8:24pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Put Me In The Who Gives A Fuck What You Think Category


Sweet, I'm getting trolled by a first time poster. I feel special now. The perfect end to a perfect day.
Obviously you are not really a first time poster. Just a coward who had to make up another log in name because he was too scared to post under his usual name. What the french toast, are you afraid the other fine people on this forum won't agree with you?

I could care less when they did compilations. I myself would rather have whole shows. Give me this '79 show:
...instead of filler from '79.
And yeah, I am pretty fucking stupid. I've done a lot of real stupid things in my life. I'll be the first to admit it. And I don't really give one fuck about what you think of me. Your opinion changes nothing in my world.

Last time I checked though, I have never communicated with the people who produce this stuff. Nope, never once have I ever expressed to them what I would like them to do with the music. No phone calls, no emails, no exchange of Christmas cards. Nothing. I believe that Rhino owns the music and it is theirs to do as they please. But, since I am the consumer, I can either choose to purchase it or not purchase it.

Sorry to disappoint you but I really doubt if I will stop posting and go away. I have a tendency not to listen to weaseldicks. Just a habit I picked up. So, unless you are going to have the balls to post under your usual name, you can fuck off into the sunset on your color TV screen coward.

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